Davey Croakett

Afternoons 3pm to 7pm

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I was raised in Paint Lick, KY (pop. 200 or so),  a small town just south of Lexington.  The town’s claim to fame is the site of the plantation that inspired “Uncle Tom’s Cabin” by Harriet Beecher Stowe.

Favorite Part Of My Day:
Finding a cool new song for “Sink Or Swim” that I am excited about sharing with Froggyland.  And… repeatedly calling the Froggy Fun Phone during the All Request Lunch, disguising my voice and asking Heather to play “The Mississippi Squirrel Revival” by Ray Stevens.
Surprising Fact:
I was an English/ Literature major in college, developing skills that I still use to this day… every time I read album liner notes.
Favorite Places To Hang Out:
I love seeing great musicians in small clubs or unique settings.  Give me a really good honky tonk band in a little club and I’m a pretty happy guy.
I’m really excited about Froggy’s “Lovett Live” series at MSU’s Lovett Auditorium.  It’s a very cool way to see some amazing artists.  Up-close and personal… so you can really get into the performance.
Other Stuff I Do:
Freelance art - I have been involved in animation, character design, illustration and even worked on some toy and action figure sculpture for Marvel and DC Comics.
My Guilty Pleasures:
  1. Smokey And The Bandit – Long Live The Snowman… and Fred.
  2. “Copacabana” by Barry Manilow – I don’t even know where to start apologizing for this one.
  3. Bit O Honey – Best candy that ever got stuck in my teeth.
  4. Sasquatch/ Bigfoot Documentaries – I’m glued to the TV when they air.  Google “the beast of LBL” –  I dare you, Froggyland.
Artists I Wish I Could Have Seen Live:

  1. Gram Parsons
  2. Johnny Cash
  3. The Band
  4. Hank Williams
  5. Freddy Fender
  6. Patsy Cline
Oddest Celebrity Encounter:
I shared a shuttle bus with James Brown at the Dallas-Fort Worth Airport.  I had a five minute conversation with The Godfather Of Soul… and I’ve never been able to figure out anything he said.
Music Format Of Choice:
A few years ago, I ditched CDs and switched to hard drive storage for my music collection.  But I still collect VINYL! 
Let’s be honest:  Vinyl sounds better, looks better and is just a cooler way to listen to music.  Thanks to the recent surge in popularity, more new releases are available on LP.  Plus, it’s a great way to SUPPORT YOUR LOCAL INDIE RECORD STORES!!!
My Latest Vinyl Finds:
Jamey Johnson – Living For A Song: Tribute To Hank Cochran

A friend knows I’m a big Jamey Johnson fan, so he hooked me up with a copy of the double album.  It’s an excellent album with lots of cool guest artists, from Ray Price to Willie Nelson to Emmylou Harris.
The Civil Wars – Barton Hollow

If you aren’t digging on The Civil Wars… you should be.  This one sounds great on vinyl!

Johnny Cash – Greatest Hits Volume 1

I’m a big Cash fan… and I found a near mint copy for a great price last time I was scouring the Nashville record stores.  This was a no-brainer.
Cool Links I Want You To Check Out:
The Americana Music Association – The go-to source for music that is just to the left and on the edge of Mainstream Country.  It’s a great way to discover music you might be missing.
Keep on top of vinyl news, exclusive releases and the annual Record Store Day event!
Gram Parsons is my all-time favorite artist.  His catalog of music is small and he never had a mainstream hit, but his influence and legacy are huge.  If you aren’t familiar with Gram, this is a good place to start:
Carlos Hernandez – Carlos is a very cool artist from Houston, TX.  I really dig his work and his “Day Of The Dead Rock Star” series.  Check him out here:
Olive And Sinclair – These Nashville candy makers are awesome.  They produce some of the coolest small batch chocolate bars in the world.  The Sea Salt and the Mexican Style Cinn-Chili will rock your world.
Hatch Show Print – When it comes to hand-made, letterpress concert posters … there is only one Hatch.
Mingua Brothers Beef Jerky – When these Kentucky boys make jerky, the angels weep and herds of beef cattle start singing in perfect harmony. Yes, it’s that good.