Kermit the Weather Hermit

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Fun Facts About Kermit

  • Hometown: Hop-town, KY
  • Birthday:  March 17, 1997 (Mr. Froggy's my twin brother--No, we're not identical, I'm the older better lookin' one)
  • Pet Peeve:  Rain on days that are supposed to be sunny
  • Dream Place:  Anywhere sunny
  • Favorite shows:  Anything on The Weather Channel
  • Favorite Artists: John Denver
  • Most Admired Person:  A toss up between Al Roker and Willard Scott
  • Favorite Sport: Synchronized swimming
  • Hobbies:  Watching the radars, chasing tornadoes, sunbathing
  • Favorite Foods:  flies and slushies
  • Favorite Song:  "I Love a Rainy Night", "Rainin' on Sunday",  "November Rain", "Sunshine & Summertime", "Thunder Rolls"
  • Favorite CD:  Appetite for Destruction - Guns N Roses

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