Mr. Froggy


Mr. Froggy!!
Name:  Mr. Froggy
Birthday:  March 17th
Birthplace:  A lily pad in the middle of the Froggyland swamp
Favorite place in the world:  Froggyland
Favorite color(s):  Green and yellow
Favorite food:  French flies dipped in mint green milkshakes
Favorite games:  Leap frog, hopscotch, and Frogger
Favorite weekend activities:  Hoppin’ around Froggyland; meeting new Froggy friends, and giving high-fives to the little tadpoles, going out for croak-e-oke
Favorite song on Froggy:  The Birthday Bunch theme
Scariest moment:  Going to a restaurant and seeing frog legs on the menu.  I hopped out of there real quick!
Favorite time of the year:  The Country Cares For Kids St. Jude Radiothon on Froggy.  The members of Froggyland are the greatest, and most caring people.  It makes me proud to be a frog.
Dream vacation:  A roadtrip around the U.S.: visiting Frogtown, MN; Frog City in Florida (it’s near Miami); Willimantic, CT (nicknamed Frog City); and Frog Jump, TN; with a stop at the Frog Jumping Contest in Valley City, OH.
If you were to write your autobiography, what would it be titled:  Tales From The Croakside
What celebrity would you most like to meet:  The Geico gecko . . . he is huge to me.
Ultimate goal in life:  To have a Pez dispenser modeled after me
Favorite thing to watch on TV:  Al Croaker on the Weather Channel.  Although, I still think Kermit the Weather Hermit would be perfect for that frog-gig.
Favorite sport to play:  Baseball.  I am great at catching the pop-flies.
Favorite sports team:  Murray State Racers
Worst subject in school:  Biology.  Do you know what they tried to make me dissect?
Favorite story:  The Frog Prince by the Brothers Grimm
Favorite actor/actress:  Kermit the Frog
Phrase that describes you the best:  I’m feelin’ Froggy!  Ribbit ribbit!

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