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WW: Meet Mr. Digger, Miss Picker & Polly Pimplepopper

My story starts like this; Mr. Digger pulls up to pump number three at the local gas station. He gets out of his car, reaches down the back of his pants and “digs” in his back side. He digs, digs...yes, that should do it. Now to the grab the “handle” on the gas pump. See where I’m going with this?

Up next to pump number three is Miss Picker. She looks to her left, then to her right. Nobody’s looking, so this classy lady picks that “boogie” that has been bothering her for the last few minutes. She picks, picks until...yes! She has finally gotten it! Out of the car and grabs the pump “handle”.

Along comes the young college girl named Polly Pimplepopper. Polly is waiting on the car to finish at pump number three so, to pass the time, she pops those two new pimples that appeared this morning on her forehead. Polly popped her last pimple just in time for her turn at pump number three.

Pump three is now open, it’s your turn to grab the “handle” and pump your gas. The moral of the story is this: although gas prices at the pump are high, the germ count is much higher. So sanitize after pumping or pushing a shopping cart or using the ATM, Red Box or digging in to that bag of French fries, because you never know what the people before you have been in. Now you can say it; eww gross!

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02/19/2013 11:41AM
WW: Meet Mr. Digger, Miss Picker & Polly Pimplepopper
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