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WW: Rednecks Are Smarter Than Given Credit

Thanksgiving is over as my 8-year old daughter has reminded me; “mommy, it’s time to put up the Christmas tree, come on mommy now!” Okay, okay already. Mr. Waters hauls all of the boxes out of the garage for ME to put up our FAMILY Christmas tree.

Now, understand every year I try to be pro-active for the next year by labeling the boxes but nothing is where it is suppose to be. It takes more than hour to put the tree together (lost instructions years ago) and another 2 hours to untangle the lights, plug in and test the lights then put them on the tree. Finally, time to plug in the lights to see the fruits or lights of my labor only to find out, I have put them on backwards, the plug is at the top of the tree! And you wonder why people drink?

So my thoughts went to Rednecks and how they are getting a bad rap for leaving their Christmas tree & Christmas lights up all-year-round.

Rednecks do this for a reason! Lazy? I say not, smart is more like it. You see THEY don’t have to have the husband pull everything out and put everything back up 30 days later like I have to do. Oh no, and Rednecks don’t have to worry about assembling a tree, testing the lights and all that jazz because, the darn thing is already up! Been working fine all year! So, the next time you think Rednecks are stupid & lazy, think again. I’m thinking, I may just leave MY lights up all-year-round!

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12/05/2012 11:49AM
Rednecks Are Smarter Than Given Credit
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