Jumpin' Jack

Jumpin’ Jack is just your regular (less than) average Joe who can sometimes be serious, a little ridiculous and is a giant dork. He’s the best friend you’ve always wanted…if you didn’t really have any other friends.
He’s originally from Cleveland, OH and if you talk to him for 5 seconds you know that he is very proud of where he comes from. He is a fan of all Cleveland sports teams (even the Browns) and is an unapologetic Ohio State Buckeyes fan (O-H!). Still, he thinks Froggyland is the cat’s pajamas and genuinely feels at home here (Go Racers!).
When not on the air, Jack can usually be found with his face buried in a comic book (Superman FTW!!) Aside from comics, his other obsessions include real books, movies, music, sports, social media, professional wrestling & Kelly Clarkson and his biggest fears are deep water (he can’t swim) and beets (dude…they’re just gross).
His past personal life would probably be best represented by the movie “High Fidelity.” Today he is most thankful for his beautiful wife Amber, his family, God, and his dream job at Froggy 103.7.

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