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JJ: Whatever Happened to Truth, Justice & the American Way?

With the release of Man of Steel just days away, I thought it’d be appropriate to blog today about Superman and what he means to me. Regular listeners of the show and Facebook friends know that I am a HUGE geek and am completely unapologetic for it. Comics, superheroes…I never grew out of that phase. I was always a fan of Spidey, the Hulk, Batman and others.

The new Hardee's/MoS commercial is one of my favorites right now

But, it was the Last Son of Krypton that really captured my imagination. Here was a guy that was everything I wanted to be as a kid; tall, handsome, virtuous, with super speed and strength. He could fly and bend steel and he was bulletproof. You couldn’t really hurt him.

Coming from a broken home as a child, it was that last one that really stuck with me. You couldn’t hurt him and he always beat the bad guys. Man…if I could be Superman, I’d never have to hurt again. Cartoons and comics were a vehicle for escape that I still kinda use to this day.

Yep...that's me!

The very first time I saw a real-life Superman was with Christopher Reeve’s iconic portrayal in the 1978 movie. I was only about 3 when I saw it and I was captivated. In fact, I was so emotionally invested that in the scene where Lois Lane falls from the helicopter, I actually dove off my couch to try to save her!! I’m pretty sure that when my Mom was alive, she told that story to every girl I ever dated.

 Superman: "Easy, miss. I've got you."
Lois Lane: "You...you've got me?! Who's got you?!"

I’ll never forget the way that movie made me feel and, as an adult, that’s the way I look at superhero movies. I don’t care about how it matches the comic or how they changed the outfit or anything like that. I just want to get lost for a little while. I want them to make me feel like a kid again.

"I totally tried to save you this one time..."

Compiling and reading the news everyday, I see all kinds of death, destruction and all-around bad news. This is exactly why it’s the perfect time to be reintroduced to the Man of Steel. Clearly, the world still needs a Superman. He may not always be the coolest or the edgiest. He may not be snarky and witty or an anti-hero. I’m okay with that. He’s still MY hero and “truth, justice & the American way” will never go out of style.

Now, if only I could find some adult-sized Superman footie pajamas…
“…on my soul, I swear that until my dream of a world where dignity, honor and justice are the reality we all share, I'll never stop fighting. Ever.”  - Superman

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06/11/2013 12:03PM
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