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JJ: Valentine's Day Advice. . .From Kids

Valentine’s Day is just a couple of days away and while it’s supposed to be a time for love, it can also be a time of great stress and agony. Especially for guys.

There’s so much pressure to deliver on Valentine’s Day. Do I get her the chocolates? Do I not? Am I picking out the right jewelry? What if she’s allergic to the flowers I pick out? How can I be original without being cheesy? It’s even harder if you’re romantically-challenged like me. She might say it’s not a big deal or any gift is better than no gift but if you fail to deliver on V-Day, you’re gonna be in the doghouse buddy.
Or maybe you’re celebrating Valentine’s Day alone this year. Is there anything more depressing? How do you handle that?

Of course, maybe we’re just trying too hard. Maybe we’re over-thinking the entire holiday. After all, isn’t simple sometimes better? And who has a more simple approach to over-thought adult problems than kids. Ryan from Guyism.com hit the streets get some advice from kids about how to handle Valentine’s Day. You’ll laugh...you’ll feel awkward...you’ll want to give this dude a hug. Check it out.

Whatever you decide to do, just have fun with it. Happy Valentine's Day, Froggyland!

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02/12/2013 12:39PM
JJ: Valentine's Day Advice...From Kids
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