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JJ: Furious Pete and the 10,000-Calorie Twinkie Cake

Ding-dong, Hostess is dead. Terrible pun, I know. It’s been a couple of weeks since we received the terrible news that not only was the Hostess company going bankrupt, but it was liquidating all of its assets as well. No more Wonder bread. No Twinkies. No Ho-Hos. No Ding-Dongs.
The world reacted immediately to this awful news in several different ways. First, you had those who reacted with genuine sorrow and mourned the loss of these once great snack cakes. This was the category I fell into. My snack food life will never be the same.

Then you had those eager opportunists who ran out to the stores and bought as many Hostess products as possible, only to later sell them on eBay or use them for other nefarious means. Davey Croakett falls into this category. He’s got a secret stash of Twinkies and Cupcakes and Zingers locked away in a secret location that I’m sure he’ll use to force us all to jump though hoops for his evil pleasure.

I went to DC earlier today to get a picture of his secret stash for my blog and I was denied. In fact, I wasn’t even allowed in his office. Instead, he sent me this picture via cell phone.

Then there’s Furious Pete. His story is pretty inspirational. He overcame anorexia a decade ago and has become an incredibly fit dude who is also a competitive eater/athlete/motivational speaker/TV host. Furious Pete has dozens of videos online featuring everything from fitness and nutrition tips to his crazy eating adventures.
The Furious One paid tribute to the discontinued processed snacks by eating more cupcakes and Twinkies than most of us could eat in a lifetime. 

I’m pretty sure I became a diabetic just watching that video. Also, milk in a bag? Only in Canada.
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11/28/2012 12:25PM
Furious Pete and the 10,000-Calorie Twinkie Cake
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