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It’s a pretty well known fact that I’m a comic book nerd and even at age 35 I still get excited when new books come out every Wednesday.
When I was a little kid I would get lost in the adventures of heroes like Superman, Spidey, and the X-Men. It was an escape into a world where I could be a big, strong superhero, too. It’s something that I never really grew out of. The stories, excitement and art are things that I look forward to weekly.
With that in mind, here’s a peek at some of my personal favorite comic book covers ever. These are pretty sweet.
At the top of the list would be issue 1 of All-Star Superman. This is the book I recommend to people wanting to give the comic book world a try but aren’t sure where to start. It’s a great story and Frank Quitely’s artwork is absolutely amazing. It’s my favorite artwork in any book ever.

The cover of Detective Comics 880 is Jock at perhaps his creepiest. I have no fear of clowns, but that image of the Joker STILL gives me chills every single time I see it.

On the subject of Batman-related things, how about Frank Miller’s cover for Batman: The Dark Knight Returns? Sometime simple can be brilliant.

Jim Lee is, without a doubt, my favorite comic book artist. It was such an honor to interview him a few months back (he follows me on Twitter, too!). No one draws Superman as well as he does and the cover of Superman: For Tomorrow proves that.


Spider-Man is most well known for the red and blue suit he wears, and when he switched to black it took the comic world’s breath away. Ron Garney’s cover for The Amazing Spider-Man 539 is a pretty cool look at the black suit.

I’ll wrap it up with the cover of Daredevil: The Devil Inside Vol. 1. The art is good, but I included it mainly because I’m in love with the story. It’s a cool, noir-influenced story that includes what might be my favorite Punisher guest appearance ever.


Comics, to me, are more than just a heroic story. They are more than an escape. They are an art form that has endured, and has captivated me all of my life. They are a reminder of the happiest parts of my childhood, and way for me to stay young-at-heart.

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10/02/2012 2:35PM
Jack's Picks - Comic Book Covers
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