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HMc: The Peanut Butter Ones

Greetings, Froggy friend!  I hope you are doing well.
So pardon me for a moment while I voice my opinion on a subject that is extremely important to the world today . . . Girl Scout cookies.
This is a great time of year because young ladies all over the country are delivering those sweet treats that are Girl Scout cookies.  Thin Mints, Do-Si-Dos, Tagalongs, Trefoils and the list goes on. 


I have been a connoisseur of those delicious little cookies since I was a Girl Scout myself many, many, many (alright, maybe not THAT many) years ago.  Like many people I am a Thin Mint girl.  My son is a big fan of the minty, chocolaty goodness, as well.  My husband, on the other hand, likes the Do-si-dos.  Which ones were those, you ask?  You know, they’re the peanut butter ones.  The sandwich cookie peanut butter ones?  OH!  Except now they are no longer Do-si-dos.  Now they are the peanut butter sandwich cookie.  How boring!  The name Do-si-do was a much more fun name.  It sounded like that cookie just wanted to get out and do some square dancing with the Thin Mints.

This year at Froggy Davey Croakett was our resident Girl Scout cookie vendor.  He brought his daughters order form to work and nobody could resist the tempting lure of mint, chocolate, peanut butter, lemon or coconut.  Everybody placed an order for several boxes.  I am going home today with the 10 boxes I ordered.  I’ve been known to order more (you have to stock up for the year) but I have to get all these cookies home and my trunk is only so big.
While trying to remember which ones I ordered and sorting them out of the stacks and stacks of cookies in Davey’s office I discovered, to my horror and astonishment, that they all (except, thankfully, for the Thin Mints) have new names.  AGH!!!!!  Now they are all named exactly what they are.

I don’t deal with change well.  I am stubborn and set in my ways.  This is a bad quality that has gotten me into trouble more than once.  With enough convincing though, eventually I will come around . . . sometimes.  But on the topic of cookie names I will forever remain staunch.  No longer will I be able to place an order for Do-si-dos.  Instead I will have to order the peanut butter sandwich cookie.  No more Tagalongs.  Now they are peanut butter patties.  Goodbye Trefoils.  Hello shortbreads.  It’s a sad day in the Girl Scout cookie world.  Just as long as the Thin Mint doesn’t get it’s named changed then I guess all will be well with the world.  Chocolate mint wafer just doesn’t have the same ring.  That would be like renaming a diamond as that clear shiny piece of coal.

So I will go home tonight and enjoy some yummy cookies with a big glass of milk and remember fondly the days when the cookies had fun names to go along with their the chocolaty, peanut buttery, lemony goodness.
To get your own cookies or to learn more about their new names click here:  http://www.girlscouts.org/program/gs_cookies/how_to_buy.asp
To get involved with the amazing tradition that is Girl Scouts click here:  http://www.girlscouts.org/councilfinder/
Follow the Girl Scouts on Facebook (https://www.facebook.com/GirlScoutsUSA), Twitter (https://twitter.com/girlscouts), or Pinterest (http://pinterest.com/gsusa/). 
Until next time, have a hoppy day!


03/19/2013 10:47AM
HMc: The Peanut Butter Ones
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