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DC: Shhh! The trailers are starting!

If you listen to my show in the afternoons, you’ve probably heard me talk about how much I love movie trailers.  I don’t go to the theaters to see movies very often, but I watch nearly EVERY movie trailer that is released.  As a matter of fact, I get to the theater early to catch the trailers and get irate if they only show one.  I paid my $8.50 and I expect to be treated to at least three mini-flicks before the main attraction.
Today, I made a discovery that has taken my appreciation of the movie trailer to a new level.
You may have seen a blurb on social media today about a planned sequel for “Mrs. Doubtfire”.  And yes, Robin Williams is going to be starring in the film.  Buried in the links in the trending page on Facebook, I saw a YouTube video called “Mrs. Doubtfire Recut As A Horror Movie”.  I was intrigued, so I clicked the video.
I was not disappointed…

I know.  You’re welcome. 
I let the trailer play through to the end and noticed the suggested links were other movie trailers that had been recut as a different genre.  I HAD NO IDEA THIS WAS A THING!!!  Pandora’s box was open and I have accomplished nothing this afternoon.  I have selected a few for your enjoyment.
“Stephen King’s It”
I hate clowns.  A lot of people say that, but I seriously can’t stand ‘em.  The only thing creepier than a movie about an evil, supernatural clown is a movie about an evil, supernatural clown that stars John Boy Walton and his ultra-cool 1980’s ponytail. 
Unless that movie is a family film…

“The Shining”
There are lots of conspiracy theories about Stanley Kubrick’s “The Shining”.  Some people believe it is Kubrick’s veiled confession to being involved in faking the moon landing for the U.S. Government.  Other people believe it is an allegory, protesting the treatment of Native Americans.  I’m serious about this, by the way.  Google it.
As for myself, after watching this, I believe Stanley Kubrick was just a sentimental, hopeless fool who just wanted to make a memorable romantic comedy…

“Full Metal Jacket”
As long as we are on the subject of Stanley Kubrick, let’s take a look at this gem.  The Train song in the background is a great companion piece to the antics of that curmudgeon with a heart of gold, Gunnery Sgt. Hartman.
Gomer Pyle, you loveable screw-up… WE BELIEVE IN YOU!!!

“Billy Madison”
And speaking of believing in a winner, who can forget the struggles and triumphs of a man searching for his place in the world?  He’s looking for validation, success and the answer to the question, “How about you, sideburns?  You want some of this milk?”

That’s enough, folks.  You can search YouTube for more on your own time.  I’m busy watching movie trailers.  I just saw one for a great movie about a kid who is dying of kidney failure and the town who rallies around him. 
Save Ferris, Froggyland… Save Ferris.

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04/18/2014 10:37AM
DC: “Shhh… the trailers are starting!"
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