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DC: Feeling Reckless?

In case you have been on a mission trip to a foreign country, have been under a media blackout, don’t have daughters or haven’t driven by the Walgreen’s sign in the last few days,  let me fill you in on the news.
The new Taylor Swift album “Red” has hit store shelves!
I have three daughters and two step-daughters in my life and I’m pretty sure that at least one of them is listening to the new Taylor Swift on their iPod as I type this.  I tip my hat to Ms. Swift and the unstoppable steam train of a career she has built.  My girls are on board… but being a 41 year old guy, that train left the station without me. 
So, I don’t intend to destroy the image you may have in your mind about my day to day existence in the Froggy office complex.  I am NOT currently in my office, headphones cranked to ear-splitting volume, writing my blog and jamming out to the new Taylor Swift album.
I’m sitting in my office, headphones cranked to ear-splitting volume, writing my blog and jamming out to an album that’s a little more my speed.  My taste in country runs down a little more ragged path.  So, in case you aren’t familiar, let me introduce you.
Froggyland… Tony Logue Band.  Tony Logue Band… Froggyland.

Note:  Tony Logue is the angry looking fella on the right.  I don’t know why he looks angry in this picture, but feel free to ask him.  He’s actually a nice guy and I have never seen that look on his face in person.  On second thought, if he has that look on his face, don’t ask him.  I don’t know how he will react.

Note:  For reference, here he is looking much friendlier.
Let me introduce the full band.  From left to right in this pic:  Jason Munday (drums), Dylan Driver (guitar), Kyle Robertson (bass), Tony Logue (vocals, guitar)

Note:  I replaced Tony Logue’s head with a puppy.  That is not a real 6’ tall dog.
When I moved to Froggyland during the summer of 2011, I felt a lot better about relocating from Texas when I found out one of my favorite bands, Jason Isbell and The 400 Unit, were booked to play a show at Murray State.  Tony Logue Band opened the show that night at Lovett.
Finding out Froggyland had a band that smacked my personal taste in music right in the mouth made it even better.  Watching these guys play, it’s pretty obvious that they may own a Cross Canadian Ragweed album or two.  Listening to their new album “Reckless Kind” makes it pretty obvious that they also own some albums from Steve Earle, Robert Earle Keen and Merle Haggard.
But they did way more than simply listen to their influences and those albums.  These guys studied and they studied hard.  They studied how those artists craft and write songs. 
And with the “Reckless Kind” album, they show you what the Tony Logue Band has learned.
“Reckless Kind” is a solid album, top to bottom.  With the production talents of Kenny Royster (Trace Adkins, Billy Currington, Randy Houser) on board, the band scored a great balance between ragged edges and polished presentation.  Each song on the album exists as a snapshot that captures time, place and mood the way a good song should.  The songs also work together to make the entire project a cohesive listen, from the time you push play until you hit repeat.
And you will hit repeat.
“Reckless Kind” will fit comfortably in your music collection, alongside Willie Nelson, Stoney Larue and Blackberry Smoke.  And when one of the band members starts dating Taylor Swift, breaks up in a tabloid driven frenzy and has a tell-all song about the relationship included on her next album, you can file “Reckless Kind” next to “Red”.
Just for you, Froggyland… The Tony Logue Band has been kind enough to make the title track available to you as a free download. Just click HERE and in the new tab just right-click and select "save as."

Check out their website for tour dates and other info!
Facebook:  http://www.facebook.com/pages/Tony-Logue-Band/127655407292?fref=ts
Twitter:  https://twitter.com/TonyLogueBand

10/25/2012 11:28AM
Feeling Reckless?
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